24 January, 2012

Welcome to the Southern African Peace and Security Blog!

This blog aims to serve as a forum for thoughtful analysis, musings and words of wisdom on the state of peace and security in the region, as well as practical proposals and recommendations that will hopefully contribute to the realization of a better tomorrow in this regard.

The blog is a component of the Southern African Centre for Collaboration on Peace and Security, which at the time of writing is still a virtual centre – a network of researchers and practitioners within and beyond the region. The network was initiated under the 'Oasis of Peace' Project in 2011, and continues to grow. The realization of the actual Centre (bricks and mortar, library and laptops) will hopefully be seen in the not-too-distant future.

The blog is open to all who have a genuine interest in contributing to the peace and security of southern Africa. Contributions of up to 800 words can be sent to this address. Please include the words 'Blog entry' in the subject line of your mail, and your full name and organizational affiliation at the top of your draft. The administrators reserve the right to screen and edit potential entries to ensure a high quality of content, and thus the maintenance of a consistently informative and authoritative blog on this important subject. For those looking for more in-depth academic analysis of the region, please see the journal: Southern African Peace and Security Studies.

Comments on blog posts are, of course, heartily encouraged. Please keep the discussion civil and reasoned, and the criticism constructive.

The floor is now open!


  1. For a start, I would like to commend Virgil for the high spirit of moving the blog on nd most importantly for the call for papers. I will do my best to encouage colleagues at UNZA to submit paprs and also to get on to the blog.

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